Company Culture Strategist & Speaker

Bob Stringer speaks on what it takes to build and sustain a high-performance company culture.

Leveraging his research and experience, Bob leads audiences through an interactive session that identifies the critical seven dimensions of winning startup cultures, and the leadership practices that support creativity and innovation in companies large and small.




“Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast”

Entrepreneurs, investors, board members, advisors, educators, and students can all benefit from understanding the importance of culture, how it arouses achievement motivation, and why a healthy culture is a critical determinant of innovation and growth.

Research-Based Advice

Empirical research has documented the leadership practices and priorities that are required to build and sustain a winning culture. Through Bob’s research and own experience as a venture capitalist, angel investor, startup advisor, and professor of business, he offers practical advice and tools that have helped organizations large and small to gain a competitive advantage.

Practical Application

Learn how to develop a culture plan that matches your needs, the needs of your leadership team and the needs of the business. Audiences will also hear about five dangerous culture traps and how to avoid them as a company evolves and scales.