Culture.com has been praised by business leaders, venture capitalists, professors, experienced mentors and founders of early-stage startups.


Chris Colbert

Managing Director, Harvard Innovation Labs

“In Culture.com, Bob Stringer perfectly captures the why, what, and how of creating a high-performing culture—the secret weapon of any really successful startup. Compelling, well researched, and thoroughly convincing, Culture.com is a must read for any startup leader who wants to build something great.”

Steven Koltai

Managing Director, Koltai & Company, LLC & Visiting Scholar, Brookings Institution 

“Working with startups all over the world, I am thoroughly convinced that culture is the single most important factor determining success or failure of a startup.  Bob Stringer’s book is thus at the heart of making any startup a winner.”

Len Schlesinger

Baker Foundation Professor-Harvard Business School, President Emeritus-Babson College

“With over 50 years of research based findings and extensive interviews with the leadership of over 100 startups Bob Stringer has provided us with a guidebook that moves way beyond the simple anecdotes that pervade the literature and the startup conference circuit.  If there is time to read only one book this is it! Don’t miss out!”

Erez Nahom

CEO & Co-founder of KonnecTo Top Tech Ltd.

“Culture.com is a must-read book for every early-stage entrepreneur. 
Adopting Stringer's 7 dimensions of successful startup cultures is Insanely Important and in my opinion would make the difference between being a winner on paper and building a stronger successful startup.”

Debi Kleiman

Executive Director, Blank Center for Entrepreneurship at Babson College

“Startup culture is such a hot topic right now, and for good reason.  Culture.com provides a set of tools and frameworks for creating and sustaining the right culture for your startup. As an educator, this book is a valuable resource to use in building up the "softer" skill set for entrepreneurs by using anecdotes and advice from successful founders to bring these challenges to life in an understandable way.”

Ron Croen

Partner, Youandmrjones.com, Founder and former CEO, Nuance

“As a former entrepreneur and a now a VC, I am acutely aware of the importance of culture as a determinant of the success of startups. Especially here in the Bay Area, in the first stage of life for startups, it’s all about product. Before too long, culture—which seemed like a soft subject—becomes more important than all the rest. Culture.com is an invaluable guide for anyone trying to build a winning enterprise.”

Alex “Pete” Hart

Former CEO, Mastercard; Former Chair, Silicon Valley Bank; Chair: VeriFone Systems, Inc., Director on numerous boards

“You just can’t underestimate the power of a winning culture – in both startups and larger organizations. I wish that I’d had Stringer’s Culture.com when I was running companies.  It is a must-read book for anyone trying to build an innovative fast-growth organization.”

Havell Rodriques

CEO and Co-founder, Adjoint Inc

“I’ve been on the founding team of three startups. I sure wish that I’d have read Stringer’s book, Culture.com: How the Best Startups Make it Happen, seven years ago. It would have helped me and my co-founders navigate all of the people aspects of building our technology businesses. It is a quick and engaging read that founding teams will find invaluable.”

John Harthorne

CEO, Mass Challenge

“In our experience with thousands of MassChallenge startups, we have found entrepreneurs always hungry for practical advice about how to build a winning culture. Culture.com addresses this head-on. It will be an invaluable resource for the early-stage companies we work with around the world.”

Gail Goodman

Former CEO, Constant Contact

“From our early days to the time that Constant Contact went public, culture was a critical driver of our success.  Who better to write about culture than Bob Stringer, who has been studying this for over 40 years?  Reading the book is a great opportunity for people in startups to learn from the guru.”